Veterinary Services

Companion animal vet clinic

We aim to provide the best standard of service for both you and your pet!

Our Companion Animal Team

Andy Cassells (BVSc), our full-time vet, has over 20 years experience in the veterinary industry. Our head vet nurse, Emma Shilcock, has over 10 years experience and our senior vet nurse, Kristy Brook has over 7 years. The team is completed with new addition nursing assistant Mieke Hopman. Our team are enthused with the newly established clinic here at Keinzley Agvet and are extremely excited to develop a high standard of care for your loved companion animals.



Dental hygiene is a critical aspect of your pet's wellbeing. Our professional experience will enable us to aid in maintaining this aspect of your best friend's health.


Our basic groom includes a bath, blow-dry, and trim.  Although we are not qualified groomers our dedicated nurses are always happy to take care of your companions grooming needs.  We also have a range of grooming products in store.


Nutritional food and prescription diets are available with our companion animal range.  Stocked brands include Black Hawk and Eukanuba.  A wide range of pet accessories and health products are also in store.  Others may be ordered in to meet your requirements.

Flea and Worm Programme

Our Gold Standard Worming Programme delivers monthly or seasonal flea and worm treatments to your door.  Call in or phone up to discuss the options.

Download an application for our Gold Standard Worming Programme here.

Production animal Clinic Services

Our talented team of large animal veterinarians pride themselves on delivering quality services to the community.

  • Animal Health Consults 

  • Dry Cow and Teat Sealing

  • Full Range of Restricted Veterinary Medicines (RVM)

  • On farm call outs and animal services 

Our Large Animal/Production Team

With a diverse wealth of knowledge accompanied with high levels of professionalism, our large animal vets have built numerous relationships with the rural community and farming practices. The team look to develop and build on these existing relationships as well as new cliental.

The Large Animal/Production clinic provide a range of Services:

Surgical Services

We offer an extensive range of both routine and emergency surgical procedures. Our veterinarian can provide soft tissue and orthopedic operations within our clinical facilities.

Nursing Survices

Our nurses can provide a variety of care for your pet via appointment. This includes nail clipping, worming, suture or drain removal, weight checks, and nutrition and flea advice.


Our clinic is equipped with a high-quality digital x-ray machine, which can develop images in just a few minutes. Allowing for faster diagnosis and treatment.


Our brand new in-house lab equipment enables us to undertake blood tests, such as pre-anesthetic blood screening prior to surgery.  In emergencies, we can have blood results back within 20 minutes.