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Gavin hodgkiss

Technical Advisor


Gav is a specialist in dairying and cropping, including specialty crops such as maize and fodder beet.

Since joining the team in 1997, Gav has valued his time with staff and clients, many of whom he considers his friends.  Agriculture has always been a huge part of his life: from humble beginnings as a dairy cadet, through the sharemilking ranks, into farm ownership. 


He sees dairying in particular as an awesome pathway for young people to progress to their dreams. A similar philosophy is adopted within Keinzley Agvet Ltd. Keinzley Agvet believes in upskilling and having the latest scientific and unbiased information available. 

It is because of these values that Gav has continued with the business for so long.  Another reason is that the boss (Phil), with a family progression plan, also believes in honesty, hard work, and looking after locals and local business interests.

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